In the field of diagnostics and treatment NIOM offers a variety of services concerning acute poisoning, clinical activity, electrocardiography, allergy (including occupational allergy), hearing disorders, hearing examination, vocal organ examination, voice emission and ergonomics.

We specialize in:

− Assessment of acute poisoning with chemical substances, diagnosis and therapy of acute poisoning of occupational and non-occupational origin;
− Assessment of health effects of occupational exposure, epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture, expert opinions for courts, prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Health and national Sanitary Inspection;
− Extensive electrocardiographic tests, long-term EKG registration and blood pressure in patients of Occupational Diseases Clinic;
(Department of Occupational Diseases and Toxicology)

− Basic allergy tests; diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis of allergic diseases of occupational origin; studies on pathogenesis of allergic inflammation, including animal models;
− Occupational allergy consulting – diagnostic and informative centres for health service personnel, farmers, construction workers and art restorers, and museum personnel;
− Allergy tests: skin prick tests, intradermal allergy tests, epiderma  tests, determination of total level of antibodies IgE in serum, determination of the level of specific antibodies IgE in serum, determination of mediators of allergic inflammation (ECP, MPO, EPO)
(Center of Occupational Allergy and Environmental Health)

− Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with hearing disorders, tinnitus, dizziness, balance disorders and voice disorders; audiological and phoniatric consultations;
− Objective audiometry, measurement of otoacoustic emissions, tonal and speech audiometry, impedance audiometry, determination of hight and intensity of tinnitus using audiometric method, examination of balance system using videonystagmography (VNG) and posturography;
− Laryngeal videostroboscopic examination, acoustic analysis of voice, vocal load testing;
− Interactive programme for voice emission teaching;
(Audiology and Phoniatrics Clinic)

− Observation and registration of work for the needs of ergonomics; ergonomic assessment of workposts, machinery and tools of work; prevention of overload and muscle-skeletal injuries during work; ergonomic shape of the workposts; ways of working in different occupational groups.
(Department of Work Physiology and Ergonomics)

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