On 02-06/12/2019, the team of the Department of Toxicology and Carcinogenesis with the support of the Quality Assurance Bureau conducted the training "Course on inhalation exposure according to the GLP requirements using the equipment from TSETM Systems" for three students from Malaysia (the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia).

The five-day course, commissioned by TSE Systems (Germany), covered the practical and theoretical aspects of inhalation exposure of rodents to aerosols, dusts, nanoparticles, with particular emphasis on the principles of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). The program included lectures on OECD guidelines related to in vivo toxicity testing and ensuring safety during inhalation exposure of animals, as well as alternative methods of toxicological testing.

The main part of the training was learning how to use three inhalation systems of TSE Systems laboratory animals - equipment with software - and test exposures to aerosols, dust and nanoparticles. Despite the busy schedule of the course, the participants and employees of the Department managed to find a moment for the conversation, which resulted in the exchange of experiences on broadly understood toxicological studies, both in vivo and in vitro. The training ended with the handing out of the course completion certificates.



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