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Head: Małgorzata Waszkowska, PhD
phone: (+48) 42 631 45 94
e-mail: małgorzata.waszkowska@imp.lodz.pl

Main tasks of the Department:

− research on traumatic and chronic occupational stress, its causes and consequences, especially within professions especially exposed to traumatic events (fire fighters, police, medical staff, etc.);
− research on the influence of work-related factors and social environment on psychological functioning;
research on ability to work;
− research on new phenomena in the field of psychology, e.g. presenteeism or counterproductive behavior;
− development of procedures to diagnose occupational stress as well as methods of preventing and mitigating its negative consequences;
− development and adaptation of methods and tools from the field of occupational and health psychology;
− preventive psychological research concerning selected groups of employees;
− organization and implementation of programs reducing stress in the workplace;
− analysis of work positions and occupations concerning the assessment of mental workload;
− education and trainings for psychologists and leaders of health promotion concerning the methodology of conducting programs reducing stress in the workplace;
− trainings, seminars, lectures and workshops in the field of occupational and health psychology;
− support in development and implementation of anti-bullying policy as well as trainings and workshops in the field.
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