Division of Clinical Toxicology


Head: Prof. Anna Krakowiak, MD, PhD
phone: (+48) 42 631 47 51
fax: (+48) 42 631 47 53
e-mail: Anna.Krakowiak@imp.lodz.pl

Division is responsible for following duties:
− diagnosis of acute poisonings, based on the system of 24-hours acute toxicological duty,
− treatment of acute poisonings caused by intentional and accidental intoxications,  occupational exposition, chemical disasters from the Łódź region and neighbouring voivodeships,
− addiction prophylaxis,
− crisis intervention (specific form of psychosocial support for persons at risk for suicidal attempts and their families),
− conducting scientific research concerning: pathogenesis of acute lung injuries, diagnosis and treatment of acute poisonings and psychosocial conditions underlying suicidal attempts
− formulation of medico legal statements for  the judicial and investigational purposes,
− educational responsibilities (postgraduate courses for doctors and other healthcare personnel, undergraduate courses for medical students),
− provision of telephone toxicological information including contents and toxicity of chemical preparations, diagnostic and therapeutic methods for healthcare professionals,
− cooperation with National Poison Information of  Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in the construction of database about toxic factors and treatment of acute poisonings caused by them.

Division conducts modern, complex  diagnostics of acute poisonings in cooperation with Toxicological Diagnostic Laboratory which possesses respective technical facilities.

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