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MARINA - Managing Risks of Nanomaterials

While there are standard procedures for product life cycle analysis, exposure, hazard, and risk assessment for traditional chemicals, it is not yet clear how these procedures need to be modified to address all the novel properties of nanomaterials. There is a need to evaluate and develop specific reference methods for all the fundamental steps in managing the potential risk of ENM. The methods must be integrated in an overarching, coherent strategy for regulators and industry to adapt them. Thus, a safe and environmentally responsible nanotechnology will safeguard current and future global investments and will be the key to the sustainability of this industry.

The aim of MARINA project, in which NIOM is one of the partners, is to develop such methods, to develop and validate the Risk Management Methods for Nanomaterials. To do this, MARINA will address the four central themes for the Risk Assessment and Management of Nanomaterials: Materials, Exposure, Hazard, and Risk. The methods developed by MARINA will be based on beyond-state-of-the-art understanding of the properties, interaction and fate of ENM in relation to human health and the quality of the environment and will either be newly developed or adapted from existing ones but ultimately, they will be compared/validated and harmonised/standardised as reference methods for managing the risk of ENM. MARINA will develop a strategy for Risk Management including monitoring systems and measures for minimising massive exposure via explosion or environmental spillage.

The motivation of MARINA is to be the flagship programme for health and safety issues related to ENM on the global scene. Its vision is that the new generation of ‘safe’ ENM will be the key to a sustainable globaleconomic growth and societal acceptance of this industry sector. Nanosafety must be central and providing guidance instead of being opposed to the development of Nanotechnology. MARINA aims to articulate the concerns on the health and environment issues regarding ENM, addressing them constructively to all stakeholders in a continuing dialogue to promote the idea of ‘safe’ ENM as a challenge and a goal for future development of Nanotechnology.

Project manager:
prof. Rydzyński Konrad, MD, PhD:

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