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Head: Joanna Domienik-Andrzejewska, PhD
phone: (+48) 42 631 45 29
fax: (+48) 42 631 45 48
e-mail: Joanna.Domienik@imp.lodz.pl

The scope of activities:
The Population Exposure Assessment Unit is focused on research activities in the field of broadly understood radiological protection and medical physics. As part of research works conducted in the unit assessment of radiation exposure of people exposed occupationally and environmentally and exposed to ionizing radiation due to  medical exposure is conducted. The task of the unit is to develop, verify and implement the methods for reduction of  radiation exposure in the workplace and to optimize diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures making use of ionizing radiation. The unit also carries out research regarding development of dosimetric methods used in clinical conditions.

The Population Exposure Assessment Unit  closely cooperates with numerous national scientific-research centres and clinical units, and has been and is a participant of many international research projects (e.g. CONRAD FP6, SENTINEL FP6, ORAMED FP7). The personnel of the unit are active members of The European Radiation Dosimetry Group EURADOS.

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