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ELWHP Translating Lisbon recommendations into an e-learning program for Occupational Safety & Health Specialists – Workplace Health Promotion as a mean for reaching enhanced competitiveness

Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, Lifelong Learning Programme (2007–2009)

The general aim of the project was to improve the qualifications of specialists in occupational medicine and public health in Romania in the field of health promotion in the workplace by developing an interdisciplinary curriculum and educational materials (handbook and teaching aids – also available on the Internet platform).
The publication is a part of the Integrated Training Course (face-to-face and e-learning) provided for enlisted Occupational Health and Public Health specialists.

The manual provided information concerning theory and practice of workplace health promotion and proposed a different working model.  One of the main feature of the handbook is the preventive approach of workplace health which was developed by two medical specialists (main beneficiaries of this book): occupational health and public health. The authors presented a complex training tended for specialist working in public health and occupational health fields. Thus, the handbook contains interdisciplinary experience, good practice models, presenting collaboration platforms ad new attempt of professional training.

Project manager: Elżbieta Korzeniowska, PhD

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