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PORPARDET – Portable Particle Detection Device

Asbestos fibres are a major cause of disability and death in the construction, decommissioning and related industries. The Porpardet project, in which NIOM is one of the partners, addresses this through developing two innovative complementary portable automatic detection systems, based on novel concentrating and analysis methods for asbestos particles and certain other harmful materials of widespread concern, eg mineral quartz/silica.

One system is a wearable device with an immediate alarm, the second provides rapid on-site quantitative analysis – both have the ability to record exposure over time with a novel filter cassette. This equipment directly improves the health protection of the individual, and reduces the potential cost of their healthcare provision and possible costs of litigation. It is of great value to the manufacturing, construction, waste disposal sectors, and emergency services. It  allows application of relatively inexpensive resources in a rapid manner, but with proper risk management. PORPARDET project started in November 2008 and was planned for 24 months. However, in October 2010 its completion date was moved to March 2011.

The project was divided into 9 executive packages carried out at different time by different partners. The main executive and coordinator of the project was TWI Ltd, from the UK.  In this project NIOM’s role concerned mainly its first stage – documenting the basis for designing a device for detecting particles in the air. The tasks assigned to NIOM included mainly executive packages:
− WP1 – “System specification”
− WP7 – “Validation and testing of prototype equipment”
− WP8 − „Dissemination and exploitation”
Reports on air samples, final report, as well as the presentation delivered during meeting closing the project were drawn up. System for detecting asbestos fibres in working environment for early warning of its presence was developed, manufactured and disseminated.

Project manager: prof. Irena Szadkowska-Stańczyk, MD, PhD  irenasta@imp.lodz.pl
Website: http://www.porpardet.signalgenerix.com/index.php 

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