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UHI – Urban Heat Island

Objective of the project is to establish a transnational attention, as well as policies and practical actions, for the prevention, adaptation and mitigation of the natural and man-made risks arising from the urban heat island phenomenon. In particular, the project is indented to:
− provide a deeper knowledge on the man-made risk of the UHIs and its interactions with global climate change;
− establish a permanent transnational network for monitoring the phenomenon and its development;
− set up suitable strategies for the mitigation of- and the adaptation to UHI;
− improve current land-use planning tools and civil management systems according to mitigation and adaptation strategies. UHI project is developed in 8 of the most relevant metropolitan areas and MEGAs (Mega Urban Regions) of Central Europe cooperation programme: the metropolitan cluster of Bologna – Modena (IT) and the urban corridor of Venice – Padua (IT), the cities of Wien (AT), Stuttgard (D), Lodz & Warsaw (PL), Ljubljana (SI), Budapest (HU) and Prague (CZ).

Website: http://www.urbanheatislands.com

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