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Head: Marta Wiszniewska, MD, PhD
phone: (+48) 42 631 47 75
fax: (+48) 42 631 47 64
e-mail: Marta.Wiszniewska@imp.lodz.pl

1. Scientific activity

The assessment of occupational exposure to human health including epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnostics, therapy and prevention.

Main research fields:
− prevalence and risk factors of occupational respiratory, skin and ophthalmic allergic diseases particularly in selected professions such as: health care workers, farmers, bakers, hairdressers, welders, cleaners, builders,
− introduction of modern diagnostic procedures in recognition of occupational allegry: morphological and biochemical assessment of induced sputum, nasal lavage and tear fluid, monitoring of exhaled NO concentration, standardization of different methods of assessment of bronchial hyperresponsiveness, standardization of different diagnostic procedures in recognition of occupational allergies,
− natural history of occupational asthma,
− pathogenesis of allergic inflammation in animal models,
− clinical pharmacology of allergic diseases,
− occupational related anaphylaxis,
− epidemiology and pathogenesis of occupational COPD and interstitial lung diseases (beryliosis, hard metal disease),
− health effect off occupational exposure to xenobiotics (ie. cytostatic drugs, lead).

2. Medical certification activity:

− diagnosis, therapy and medical certification in patients with occupational diseases,
− certification of occupational diseases from legal point of view,
− improvement of methods of monitoring of occupational health status of employers.

3. Diagnostics and therapy of acute poisoning.

4. Teaching activity (arrangement of different conferences, courses, e-learning, trainings in field of occupational and environmental medicine and occupational allergy).

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