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e-CAPACIT8 Strengthening occupational health professionals’ capacities to improve the health of the ageing workforces

The general objective of the 'e-CAPACIT8' project is to strengthen the capacities of European occupational health professionals (OHPs), so that they can facilitate the process of workers' ageing. The objective is built on the premise that many of the current efforts geared towards the reconciliation of employees' health and their work abilities often fail to integrate OHPs in to such doings. In other words, there appears to be no systematic approach, nor educational training, that the OHPs could rely on when tackling the problem. At the same time though, they make an army of well-placed individuals who can certainly mediate the process, provided that they are given the appropriate materials to do so.

It is foreseen that the general objective of the project will be met via the creation of context-specific educational materials, which will be tailored to the needs and backgrounds of different groups of European occupational health professionals. The materials will be made available to the OHP community via a freely accessible e-learning platform.

The primary objective is built on four specific objectives (SOs), namely:

SO 1: to analyze and review the state of the art of the European OHPs' training curricula;
SO 2: to identify and continuously enroll the biggest possible number of stakeholders in the project, throughout its duration;
SO 3: to develop training material for use through the platform;
SO 4: to launch the functional version of the e-learning platform and actively enroll active users.

It is believed that such a formulation of the SOs will foster coherent proceedings during the project, whereas their successful completion will warrant the achievement of the project's overall aim.

The main outcome of this project will be an integration of OHPs into the contemporary practices of older workers' (50+) health protection. Owing to the practical and transferable orientation of the project's deliverables, it is expected that OHPs from across 13 EU countries will, first of all, benefit from an increased awareness of the problem. Secondly, they will be provided with context-specific educational materials, which will strengthen their capacities to improve the health of the ageing workforces. Moreover, it is expected that the project will yield a considerable interest of several national and international stakeholders. An interest, which will stimulate a cross-border exchange of ideas and experiences between a multitude of actors and one that will hopefully result in a more sustainable betterment of older workers' health. In the longer term, the project may also contribute to the possible modifications of OHPs' training curricula or the development of similar, web-based resources they could use in relation to other groups (e.g. vulnerable workers).

Project manager: Piotr Sakowski psak@imp.lodz.pl 

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