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REPRO PL – Epidemiology of reproductive hazards in Poland – multicentre, prospective cohort study (2007–2011)

The Unit of Environmental Hazards to Reproduction is managing the project “Epidemiology of reproductive hazards in Poland – multicentre, prospective cohort study – Repro-PL” which consists of 24 projects from 18 institutions from Poland The main goal is to establish Polish Mother and Child Cohort. The additional goals are: 1) to investigate the demographic and socio-economic factors of low fertility in Poland 2) to establish main profiles of both female and male infertility 3) to investigate the role of environmental factors (air pollution, phthalates, PCBs, dioxins) on the pregnancy outcomes.

The Polish Mother and Child Cohort (REPRO_PL) is multicentre prospective study on different exposures.

The aim of the study is to evaluate the impact of exposure to different environmental factors during pregnancy and after birth on pregnancy outcome and children’s health. Specific research hypotheses refer to the role of heavy metals, exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocar­bons (PAHs) and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) in the aetiology of intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR), preterm delivery (PD) and the risk of respiratory diseases, allergy and poor mental and physical development. It is also intended to explain the role of oxidative stress and nutritional status of the pregnant women. The impact of occupational exposures and stressful situations on pregnancy outcome will be evaluated from question­naire data. The final cohort is intended to comprise 1800 mother-child pairs.

Website: http://repropl.com

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