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Head: Prof. Kinga Polańska, MPH, PhD
phone: 42 63 14 569
e-mail: Kinga.Polanska@imp.lodz.pl

Scope of the activities:
The main area of the research that have been conducted in Children’s Environmental Health Unit is focused on the issue of pre- and postnatal exposure to environmental factors and its impact on newborn biometric parameters and child health and  neurodevelopment.
Since 2007 the team from the Children’s Environmental Health Unit has been the main coordinator of the Polish Mother and Child Cohort (REPRO_PL with 1800 mother-child pairs, www.repropl.com ). This prospective cohort comprises 3 phases: phase I – pregnancy period (questionnaires, biological sample collection: blood, cord blood, urine, saliva, hair), phase II- children at the age of 1 and 2 years (questionnaires health status and neurodevelopment assessment, biological sample collection: urine), phase III – children at the age of 7 (ongoing phase – questionnaires, health status and neurodevelopment assessment, biological sample collection: saliva, buccal swab, urine).
The already collected biological samples from the REPRO_PL cohort are stored (a biobank has been established) and will be used in the future for additional analyses (according to the future questions and research hypotheses).
The  REPRO_PL cohort is the part of international birth cohort network www.birthcohorts.net
Methodology of Polish Mother and Child Cohort:
phase I
phase II
phase III

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