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RISK ASSETs – Risk Assessment and Management – European Training Programme

The European Commission has identified a need for suitably trained and experienced health risk assessors to work in the European Union (EU). Risk assessors are needed to conduct consistent high quality assessments of health risks in accordance with EU policies and legislation, and to serve on European Scientific Committees. In addition, Member States need to ensure that they have adequate expertise to assess health risks associated with chemical, biological and radiological hazards in order to ensure a high-level of public health protection.

Thus the general objective of RISK ASSETs project (2009–2011), in which NIOM was one of the partners, was to promote and to facilitate initiatives concerning trainings regarding risk assessment and to deliver an in-depth European Training Programme – Risk Assessment and Management. The aim of the programme was to train highly specialized experts form EU, who would conduct reliable and consistent professional risk assessments in accordance with European legislation in this area, which would come as a support for appropriate risk assessment committees in EU.

The anticipated result of the project was to draw up a complete and homogenous training programme concerning risk assessment for EU, which would contribute to facilitating trainings regarding the subject by: availability of a harmonized training scheme fulfilling Union’s requirements and satisfying the needs of  the people involved in public health subject. To create a risk assessment course recognizable throughout European Union, as well as to create better professional prospects for those willing to specialize in risk assessment. In 2010 training modules regarding  toxicology, environment monitoring and bio-monitoring were drawn up at an elementary level and thematic scope of the modules at an advanced level was prepared including participant and graduate’s of particular modules of the course competence profile.

Project manager: prof. Sławomir Czerczak, PhD:

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