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Dioksyny – A comprehensive analysis of risk after exposure to dioxin and dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls  in Poland.

The purpose of the DIOKSYNY Project (2007−2011) was the evaluation of exposure to PCBs and dioxins in selected adult populations in Poland, with the overall objective of improving the quality of life through better recognition of environmental health hazards. Reference was made to the application, dated 22 June 2006, and additional information received from the Focal Point, dated 3 August 2006 and 21 November 2006.

The completed Project included the following activities and results:

− Purchase of equipment;
− Sampling and analysis of breast milk from women living in an urban area as well as women living in a less polluted area (300 samples);
− Analysis of 60 samples of fly ash collected in the areas of residence of the study participants;
− Preparation of research papers based on the results of the statistical analysis and data interpretation;
− Organisation of a conference on the subject for Ministry of Health, Sanitary Inspectorate, Environmental Inspectorate and relevant NGOs;
− Organisation of a workshop with participants from Norway and the Netherlands;
− Construction of a website;
− Production of a final report on the results of the Project.

Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine coordinated the project.

Project manager: prof. Marek Jakubowski, PhD

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