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CERACI – Cross-border exposure characterisation for risk assessment in chemical incidents

CBRN-incidents can affect communities far away from the incident site, and do not respect national borders. An accurate and precise assessment of human health risk is a cornerstone of an effective response strategy and prevention policy.

European harmonisation of exposure-response guidelines is ongoing. To facilitate cross-border cooperation in chemical incident management, this project contributes to the interoperability of exposure assessment guidelines, tools and practices.
The project’s aim is to strengthen the public health risk assessment for the acute phase of chemical incidents by improving the exposure assessment. The outcome will contribute to improve planning, preparedness and response capabilities and enhance transnational cooperation and interoperability of organisations involved in health risk assessment.

The objective of this study is to improve acute phase chemical incident exposure assessment by:

− identifying and describing the organisation of environmental modelling and monitoring for health risk assessment during acute chemical incidents in EU Member States (MS)
− investigating which MS have organised collaboration and interoperability on environmental modelling and monitoring for health risk assessment nationally and across national borders.
− identifying and (further) developing best practices for environmental modelling and monitoring for health risk assessment during acute chemical incidents, both technical and organisational.
− determining if harmonisation and collaboration in this field has the potential to improve EU response capabilities and capacities to respond to acute chemical health threats.

Expected results:

− a description and recommendation of guidelines, tools and best practices for MS to enhance the national and international interoperability for environmental modelling and monitoring for health risks assessment of chemical incidents.
− insight in which MS have organised the interoperability of first responders and expert teams with regard to environmental modelling and monitoring in chemical incidents.
− an overview of current cross-border collaborations in chemical incident exposure assessment.
− the initiation of a network of experts in this field.

Project duration: January 2011 − September 2012


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