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Head: Prof. Sławomir Czerczak, PhD
phone: (+48) 42 631 47 01
fax: (+48) 42 631 47 02

The scope of major activities:

− health risk assessment (occupational and environmental exposure modelling);
− elaboration of the documentation on maximum admissible concentration (MAC) values for occupational exposure to chemical substances; organization of meetings of Expert Groups for MAC values;
− information service on toxic effects and assessment of hazardous agents in the work environment;
− information service on carcinogenic substances in the work environment;
− maintaining the Central Register of Data on Exposures to Substances, Preparations, Agents or Technological Processes, which exert carcinogenic or mutagenic effects;
− monitoring and assessment of occupational and environmental exposure to chemicals, exposure modelling;
− developing thematic sets of databases available on-line and on CD-ROM for the employees of the Institute and for users outside of the Institute;
− scientific and technical expertise.
Service activities:

Expertise activities concerning:

− assessment of toxic effects of chemicals for institutions from the country and organizational units of the Institute;
− acute poisoning with chemicals;
− development MSDS;
− development of exposure scenarios;
− health risk assessment;
− evaluation of personal protective equipment for hazardous substances presence;

Organization of trainings and courses in the field of: chemical safety and health risk assessment, carcinogens, legislation in above mentioned field (i.e. REACH, CLP), occupational exposure assessment, exposure modelling, cosmetics.

Department of Chemical Safety publishing:
From 1995  to 2011 – “Guidelines for Assessing Health Risk from Carcinogens”. From 2012 – “Guidelines for Assessing Health Risk” available in Publishing Office.

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