Phoniatrics Unit | Logopedics Unit | Balance Disorders Unit


Head: Prof. Mariola Śliwińska-Kowalska, MD, PhD
phone: (+48) 42 631 45 21
fax: (+48) 42 63 14 519

Main activities:

– research on clinical aspects, epidemiology, pathophysiology, early diagnosis and prevention of occupational diseases of the ear, nose, throat and larynx,
– clinical and experimental studies on otolaryngologic pathologies,
– consultations, diagnosis and treatment of occupational otolaryngologic pathologies,
– diagnostic electrophysiological examinations (impedance audiometry, tonal and speech audiometry, ENG, VNG, visual and auditory evoked potentials, otoacoustic emissions),
– diagnosis of tinnitus in patients with occupational hearing impairment, presbyacusis and other auditory or systemic diseases.

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